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Last Week This Morning: November 9

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m 34 years old now! As we get older, birthdays start meaning less unless they end in a 0, or if you’re one of those leap-year kids who pretends, because their birthday only happens once every four years, that they’re only eight years old when they’re really 32. You’re not fooling anyone, leap-year kid.

Anyway, as it happens, I found out that I share a birthday with one Guy Abend, who posted this on Twitter yesterday, and made me kind of sad:

Chin up, Guy! I’m sure it’s a bummer not to be with family and close friends on your birthday, but you’ve got a great family here in Louisville! Unless you’re released or something over the winter, and I really hope you’re not. That would suck. Fingers crossed!

So anyway, the point of this weekly news-y post is to talk about what’s shakin’ in the USL. Aside from a potential new entry in the league from San Antonio, it’s been crickets out there. An echo chamber.

Club-wise, it’s been all quiet with respect to James O’Connor’s contract, as well as the players. The club is having an open tryout on December 19. We heard something about a developmental football league coming here and playing in a pop-up stadium and potentially co-opting the Coopers’ name. That sounds a little far-fetched to us, but we’re flattered to have been unintentionally included! Otherwise, nada. Even our Twitter superheroes have been quiet since the Rhinos ran over our season.

So yeah, not a lot to discuss this week. Therefore, in closing, let’s do what we always do and make fun of FC Cincinnati!

The jokes write themselves, but I’ll have a go:

Hard to stop shots when you’re empty and covered in 20 lbs of metal. What would be more fun is drilling a free kick right at that thing and watching it blow up.

Nippert Castle sounds like the saddest castle ever.

Coming to a Futbol Stadium near you? A Futbol Stadium. I can’t. If you’re going to use “futbol” then the rest of the sentence better be in Spanish. If you’re going to call it a Football Stadium, okay, because that’s what Nippert Stadium is, a stadium for American football. But if you mean soccer, then you probably should have just said soccer.

Based on the size of that goal, looks like FCC is fielding a U-6 team in 2016.