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Last Week This Morning: MEETINGS!

It’s Cyber Monday, or as my wife calls it, Regular Monday. Ba-dum-ching! Thanks, I’m here all the time.

If you’re one of those irresponsible people who shops on Black Friday or any of the other days between Thanksgiving and Christmas or Hannukah or Kwanzaa or whatever, you probably deserve the misery you get when visiting a retail outlet this time of year. But if the loved ones in your life happen to be Louisville City fans, then you should buy them some LCFC merch at their online store. If they aren’t Louisville City fans, then why are they in your life? Serious question, and one you should think about before giving your answer.

Anyway, another week of radio silence from most of the teams around the league! Yay! This, of course, means I dig for scraps of news and make stuff up, leaving you to guess what’s real and what isn’t. Here we go:

  • The Steel Army evaluates what the USL did right in 2015. Missing from this list is “Allowing Louisville City to play in the league and make it more awesome,” but otherwise it’s pretty good.
  • Louisville City’s 6-2 win over Oklahoma City this season was named one of the league’s Top Moments of 2015. That was fun!
  • The Coopers’ 2015 Annual General Meeting is this coming Sunday at Against the Grain Brewery, where we’ll watch the MLS Cup Final and elect a new board to lead us into City’s second season. Be there!

And that’s it. Seriously. Nothing is in print about what’s happening in the USL right now. The league itself is talking a lot about its former players in the MLS Cup Playoffs, which I have opinions on, but that’s about it. Good news is, it’s just 100 days until the 2016 season starts, though I’m curious how the LCFC twitter account knows that since the schedule hasn’t been released yet. Curiouser and curiouser! See you soon.