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Last Week This Morning: January 4, 2016

Is anyone else really annoyed with new years because you have to learn a new date to put at the end of all those dates you have to write on stuff? I know I am! One of my jobs, aside from awesome soccer writer, involves signing my name a lot and putting the day’s date on things. Writing a 16 instead of a 15 is really going to annoy me. It took me three tries just to do it in that last sentence.

All that blather avoids the obvious: nothing happened in the USL last week. Everyone got rid of their Guy Abend 2015 calendars and put up their Chandler Hoffman 2016 calendars, I guess, but that’s about it. We also kinda sorta figured out that we can expect the USL 2016 schedule to be released in late January or early February, but that’s nothing new. St. Louis’s World Wide Technologies Soccer Park was under quite a bit of water thanks to all the Christmas rain and flooding, which isn’t good, but I’m guessing they’ll dig out of there sooner or later. Rodrigo Lopez, the sensational Sacramento Republic FC striker, left the team in the fall ostensibly for an MLS contract, but instead ended up on a second division team in Liga MX. #whatdoesthatsayaboutUSL #youshouldntcare

So, yeah. That’s pretty much it. Does that make you sad? If it does, here’s a cute Bernese Mountain Dog puppy:

I know I feel better now. Happy New Year!