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Last Week This Morning Is Moving To The Suburbs

  • WANTED: Soccer field. Old one is being refurbished, or will be once Shoal Creek returns to “creek” status, as opposed to its current Mississippi River delta imitation. In all seriousness, the Austin Aztex had to find a new home thanks to House Park being under about five feet of water. The solution, apparently, was a rec field about 18 miles out of town. We all know how much hipsters love suburbia, but hopefully they can hold their noses for long enough to keep supporting the Tex for the rest of the season.
  • NOW and the whole Women’s Liberation movement might have done most of its work in the 1970s, but most of the professional sports industry seems to have missed the memo. That’s why it’s so refreshing that the Louisville City ownership didn’t bat an eye when Djorn Buchholz resigned last fall and they named Amanda Duffy as General Manager. She’s one of two female executives in the USL, and we’re lucky to have her.
  • The Charlotte Roving/Wandering Independence picked up another win over the weekend at one of their multiple home grounds, this one being in Rock Hill, South Carolina against the Riverhounds. Charlotte only had two shots on goal all night, and they both went in (one was a penalty). Must be nice.
  • Despite the loss to Rochester on Saturday, Louisville City is still sitting in fourth in the East thanks in large part to Richmond crapping the bed at home against FC Montreal in a 0-0 draw. Thanks, Kickers!
  • Oklahoma City Energy FC might have the worst team name in the league, but their record is fairly spectacular. The Energy won their fifth straight game (all at home) last weekend against Tulsa.
  • If this partnership works out the way I think it will, we are all in some deep shit.