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Last Week This Morning: February 9

Yeah, sorry, I know this is a day late. I was watching that horrible excuse for a Super Bowl and forgot to put this together. Here’s last week’s USL news in “half-assed overused maxims” form:

  • USL San Antonio has a name, and it’s…San Antonio FC! Probably could’ve stuck with USL San Antonio, but that might’ve been too creative. How about San Antonio NotSpurs? I kid, the name is fine. That badge, though: I’m aware of the adage about stones and glass houses and all, but that’s…not great.
  • Charleston Battery have new ownership. Most accounts make the change out to be a good thing, as new money means new investment in players and MUSC Health Stadium. Charleston’s one of the oldest operating clubs in the country, so it’s good to see them getting some help. Rising tides, boats, and all that.
  • On the affiliation front, Wilmington and NYCFC that they were continuing their partnership into the upcoming season. It worked so well for both clubs last season! It might work out for them this season, though. Broken clocks are right twice a day, unless they’re digital clocks, in which case they don’t say anything, which makes me wonder about time as a construct and oh look my brain just melted.
  • Strangely enough, there’s not a lot of other news hopping around USL other than new singings of players none of us have ever heard of before. Guys like Zach Ellis-Hayden, Stephen McCarthy, and David Estrada. I like that last one because it reminds me of Erik Estrada. I’m out of cliches.
  • Have a great week!