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Last Week This Morning: February 1

Fifty four days until first kick, y’all. It’s gonna go by fast. Now that the schedule is out, preseason dates are set, and training camp starts in two weeks, USL news is gonna be coming thick and fast. Here’s what you might have missed last week:

What happens in the West might as well happen on Mars, as there are even fewer inter-conference games this season than there were in 2015. That said, it’s still our league and things still happen there, so we should pay attention to it.

Arizona United fans aren’t particularly pleased that their team will be playing in a spring baseball facility in Peoria, Arizona, which is a far cry from where most of United’s games were played in 2015. Some of their fans might think the fact that Diplo has joined the club’s ownership group is pretty cool, though.

Schedule schedule schedule. Schedule. Chad Hollingsworth and Scratching the Pitch have answers to questions you probably didn’t even know you had.

Louisville City and FC Cincinnati have taken it upon themselves to name this budding rivalry. I’d look past the fact that the fans usually create these things themselves, and that the Coopers and the Louligans came up with the Kings’ Cup on their own, but when we see the options for the names? I’ll abstain.

Reno’s not coming to the league until 2017, but they’re ahead of San Antonio in that they’ll probably have a name before the 2016 season starts. United, though? We have enough of those.

Good news for ankles everywhere! The prairie dog colony that used to house Harrisburg City Islanders is being abandoned for much safer and better maintained baseball fields in and around Harrisburg in 2016 for Islanders home matches. Ligaments, tibiae, fibulae and training staff all points east of the Mississippi River breathed sighs of relief, while Harrisburg physical therapists put their vacations plans on hold.