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Last Week This Morning: December 14

All the USL head honchos and team brass took a vacation last week to Florida to talk shop and maybe also some soccer stuff. Not a lot came out of those meetings in terms of news we can use, but what we did learn is that Amanda Duffy is probably not a close-talker.

The only notable item released from that summit-type thing is that the first ever USL Experience will be hosted in ever-deserving Cincinnati. That seems a little ironic given that FC Cincy can’t wait to get away from any kind of USL experience, if their president is to be believed. From the article:

The new initiative will allow 70 [Super Y League] players the chance to train and compete with a USL club, learn from professional coaches and also gain mentoring from current professionals.

Those poor kids. Nothing but first class crappy chili and fake suits of armor for them.

In other news, Chad Hollingsworth seems to think Louisville City has a new left back in its sights in Mark-Anthony Kaye. Kaye spent last season with Toronto FC II, who declined to pick up his option for 2016. Kaye spent his 2014 season with Wilmington Hammerheads, so I’m guessing he’ll be glad to finally find his way onto a winning team.

That does it for the news this week, which brings me to my advice column (new feature! You’ll love/hate it!). As we get deeper into the holiday season, and in light of recent events that are dividing our great country into Team Trump and Team Please Anyone But Trump, let’s all try to remember to be tolerant of people who aren’t Louisville City fans. They haven’t seen the light yet, either because you haven’t tried hard enough or they’re just not that cool to begin with. Non-Louisville City fans are people, too. They’re just not people that are terribly interesting. Thus, during this time of year with its parties and uncomfortable conversations with people you’d rather not talk to, e.g. your family or co-workers, let’s remember that the 2016 Louisville City season is less than 100 days away.