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Join our MLS Fantasy League!

by Taylor Sorrels (@AbGatorade)

Do you live in Louisville? Or somewhere else where the Weather Channel app has decided that you’ll die if you go outside for more than three minutes? Are you stuck inside and really bored? Do you like American soccer? Do you like fantasy sports games? Is this way too many questions to introduce a lead idea in a blog post?

Then do we have the thing for you! Major League Soccer soccer dot com has been running a fantasy soccer platform for a few years now, and this will be the second year running that the Coopers are forming a league. CLICK HERE TO JOIN IN ALL THE FAKE SOCCER FUN! More details after the jump:

Our league is called, fittingly, “Coopers!”. To join:

  • Sign into your account (or create one if you haven’t already) and select the “Leagues” tab at the top of the page
  • Click the “Join a league” tab
  • Choose “Private league” and click Next
  • Enter the private league code (582-425) provided by whoever made the league. Click “Join private league” button
  • You can also join private leagues by clicking on an auto-join link shareable via Twtter or Facebook.

Winner will get to brag to all of his or her friends about how they won a fantasy soccer league, plus probably a prize or something from us to be determined later.

“Hey! What about a USL fantasy soccer league?”

Slooow down. USL just upgraded its league website to the 21st century, so let’s not expect them to start keeping sophisticated statistics for players in a 24 team league just yet. You want USL fantasy, you might have to start it on paper, then give that format to us so we can license it and make lots of money some day, some of which we might decide to share with you. Maybe.

Anyway: Fantasy Major League Soccer Soccer Fever! Catch it!