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Important Announcement!

  1. I forgot to write Last Week This Morning. It’s coming tomorrow.
  2. Louisville City Twitter is presently aflame after Mayor Greg Fischer posted this:
  3. The Internet loves lists, thus this format.

Sooooo what’s the “important announcement,” you might ask, completely glossing over the “celebration” part of the Mayor’s tweet. Let’s talk about the first part of said tweet first. At 6:00 on Thursday, the Mayor and various and sundry Louisville City officials, including the players, will be at Slugger Field to celebrate the end of a wildly successful regular season. That is wonderful! You should be there just for that, really.

But you’re likely more concerned about the “important announcement” part. Whatever could the “important announcement” be? Here is a list of our ten best guesses:

  1. Dollar beer night on October 3, our opening playoff match against Charleston Battery.
  2. They found water on Mars, and this was the best way to get people to pay attention to that earth-shattering mars-hshattering discovery
  3. Something something something Draft Kings.
  4. One of the lesser Kardashians is opening a fashion/makeup/accessory/healthfoods store in Louisville, and will also be team mascot in 2016.
  5. Dalton Main is getting an actual studio and production budget for The Pregame Pint.
  6. Mayor Fischer and General Manager Amanda Duffy are switching jobs for a week! Hijinks will ensue!
  7. The Mayor’s staff is starting ANOTHER Louisville City supporters group.
  8. The Purple Panda was NOT a ruse. This ownership group won’t stop until it wins ALL the USL awards.
  9. Realizing that their own effort will ultimately be a failure of hilarious proportions, the Lindner family bought Louisville City FC which will be relocated to Cincinnati posthaste.
  10. The club and Louisville Metro Government have reached an agreement concerning a stadium, which will either be revealed in full on Thursday, or any details about site and design will be announced later, a la MLS’s favorite problem child, Miami Beckham FC.

We honestly haven’t been provided any details about the “important announcement,” but if we were gambling men (we are!), we’d put money on #10. Be there on Thursday either way!