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Hamblin: Who does Louisville City need to keep in 2017?

Who does Louisville need to keep from the roster?

First off, we are still early in the offseason so I expect some players will resign if they cannot go where they want. I figured why not take a look at who LCFC needs to keep that is out of contract this year. Obviously fan favorite Montano is already out at Sacremento, and Hoffman signed out West as well, so they aren’t an option. So here is the list:

Out of Contract are currently Andrew Lubahn and Aodhan Quinn. Out of the 2 Quinn is the obvious choice. He has a solid foot and has a great knack for getting behind and in on defenses. Lubahn does bring good overall defense and attack, but I think Quinn is just a stronger more demanding midfielder.  While Quinn and Lubahn could return it’s unlikely as we already have Guy Abend, Niall McCabe (Praise God he’s getting back to match fit!), Mark Anthony-Kaye, George “Cuatro” Davis, and Paolo DelPiccolo in the midfield.

Currently non-returning players are Magnus Rassmusen, Kadeem Dacres, Kenny Doublette, and Ben Newnam. Out of these players the obvious choice is Dacres,  but he moved to FCC.  Even though he went a big rival I wish nothing but the best for Dacres on his career and hope one day we may see him back in an LCFC uniform. Love or hate the move, he was a great asset to LCFC.  Rassmussen is out deciding to go back home last I heard. 

Who to bring in:

We need to bring in a left back. However, I think we also need 1 more striker. Maybe not to take over up top but maybe as back up as we let Lancaster ad Ilic work up top. Most will say we need a winger now that Dacres is gone, I think George Davis IV and Mark Anthony-Kaye will fit the bill better than most of the other wingers I saw this season. Also I think we need to bring in someone around Davis IV age as we could use a leadership role in the team, someone who brings experience and top level skills to lead a team. There is a lot of young talent we could have loaned to us from bigger clubs from Europe even. 

Whatever happens this offseason, well remember most that Dacres left us to go with a rocks throwing distance of us to play for FCC all because they have a football stadium. Anyway let’s hope we bring a bigger name to LCFC.