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Hamblin: Don’t let the City Islanders make this a trap game

Harrisburg City Islanders:

The City Islanders currently sit 3rd from the bottom of the table. They have amassed 24 points in 24 games (6-12-6 overall). That is not a great record. However, if we remember my early league predictions really Steel FC (6th in league with 23 different rosters) and FC Cincinnati (9th in league) have been the surprises so far in the league. So why say that? Because Harrisburg has nearly always been a lower table team in the USL. However, their first key leads me into why they are a lower table team.

That key is to find some solid defense from the backline. Most of their losses have been due to lack of defensive solidarity. No real direction from the goalkeeper that is meaning ful and purposeful. They do not predict plays as well as they should, and often get punished by overlapping runs, through balls and runs off the shoulder.

My second key is anticipate the moves. LCFC loves to attack and get behind on runs. Harrisburg needs to stay back a bit and keep the runs from the backside to a minimum.

My third and final key is get out and run transition offense. If LCFC is weak anywhere it’s on a quick speedy counter off a corner or cross when numbers are up. Harrisburg has to capitalize on it if they want a result away from home.


KEEP LUKE SPENCER in the lineup! The kid has been great this season. That is not one of my keys to the game, although it would shorten my preview.

LCFC currently sit 2nd in the USL with 3 games in hand over the team above. Louisville city boasts a record of 12-4-5 with 41 points in 21 games. So what can we work on? 

First and foremost its to continue to play solid defense. Greg was lights out in goal, as Steel FC could have had 2 or 3 of their own. Paco Craig (MVP in the back that game I thought) and company had a solid game minus a short lapse in concentration which got Steel within 1 before the dagger blow by Lancaster.

Secondly continue to get the offense out on the right foot. LCFC’s offense has been firing on all cylinders the past two matches. Spencer and Co. have been doing a really great job. The abilities in the air for our offense have been deadly, as well as our wingers’ feet. We need to continue that and run the score on Harrisburg.

The third and final key is not to “let off the gas”. What I mean by that is to continue to win games and want to win games as we push to win the Eastern Conference game and who knows what else. This is the perfect time for that push and we need to do it as we will catch up with the games in hand this week and weekend.

Prediction: 3-0 LCFC

I am hopeful for a shutout at Slugger. Every goal helps us secure the USL Eastern Conference, especially if it goes to goal difference. Harrisburg won’t be an easy lower table team. They are a solid team that just hasn’t hasn’t it this year like they wanted. LCFC has a good game coming up so be sure to make the trip to Slugger Field and watch! OH CITY YOU’RE SO FINE!