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FC Montreal 0-2 Louisville City: All Hail Based Goalpost

Written while still breathing through a plastic bag over that USMNT performance in Cologne… On what turned out to be a (SURPRISE!) rainy evening in Montreal, Louisville City scored two first half goals to pick up their first ever away win against FC Montreal. Tarek Morad opened the scoring early, and Matt Fondy sealed the deal about fifteen minutes later. Some questionable defending led to two or three good chances for Impact Jr., but Scotty Goodwin, a general lack of composure, and LouC’s fifth defender Goal Post kept Les Petits Bleus et Noirs off the score sheet.

The Gremlins started with a fairly standard lineup in the back, with Enrique Montano getting another start on the left. McCabe held down the defensive midfield with Juan Guzman, and Aodhan Quinn, Charlie Adams, and Kadeem Dacres rounded up the attacking middle with Fondy up top. FC Montreal tried to start the match on the front foot, going right at the center of Louisville’s defense, but were quickly overwhelmed in midfield and gave up an early corner. While I was groaning along with the rest of you at the prospect of yet another wasted set piece opportunity, Tarek Morad wasn’t, and made a great run from the top of the box to beat two defenders and get a free header to beat the keeper and put the good guys up 0-1. Super glad for Tarek to get his first goal for Louisville City, especially after the tragic death of his cousin in California recently.

In the 28th minute, jumped on a reeeeeally bad square ball between the Montreal defenders and put it past the keeper to provide the winning margin. The remainder of the first half featured more chances for Louisville City to score, but no more goals.

The second half was, at least for about twenty five minutes, much like the first, just without the goals. FC Montreal tried to get behind the Louisville defense all game on smart through balls from midfield, but were repeatedly denied by Goodwin. Two really good shots on frame bounced off of it, one in each half, that would have totally changed the complexion of the game had they gone in. They didn’t, though, which meant James O’Connor got to substitute generously about midway through the second half. Austen King, Ilija Ilic, newcomer Colin Fernandez, Sidney Rivera, and Nate Polak all got solid minutes. Polak and Ilic both had golden scoring chances after coming on that they just couldn’t finish, one of which came off of a very good short cross across the mouth of goal from Fernandez.

All in all, it was a good game and a good result for Team Purple. The squad got some rotation, goals were scored, saves were made. Some other notes:

  • Maxime Crepeau played very well, and had three really good second half saves that kept things from getting embarrassing for the Quebecois.
  • This really was kind of a game of men vs. boys; I’m convinced most of FC Montreal’s team is made of teenagers.
  • Hot damn, Sidney Rivera is dangerous.
  • I always get excited when Ilija Ilic comes on because I know he was so good in college, but it really hasn’t translated well yet for Louisville. That miss with just the keeper to beat – yeouch.
  • It was cool to see Colin Fernandez make his debut and almost immediately help create a scoring chance that Polak (I think) unfortunately put into the side netting. I still can’t figure out exactly what Fernandez’s role with this team will be, as he replaced Juan Guzman but seemed to be playing a lot higher up the field than Guzman does when I was paying attention. Someone better at watching soccer’s gonna have to help me out with this.


I just picked that one because they were so impressed with Fondy. I mean, why wouldn’t they be?

REQUEST: Someone has GOT to make a Twitter account for James O’Connor’s hat.

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