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by Taylor Sorrels (@taylorsorrels)

Quick caveat: I wasn’t able to go to the game yesterday because kids, and am only just now getting to writing the game recap because job. Sorry, will do better during regular season.

So last night, at a kind of full Cardinal Park, Louisville City took on its first preseason opponent in front of a crowd, the UofL men’s soccer team. It was pretty clear which team had practiced together more, as our purple pals beat the Cards by three goals, one of which was scored while down to nine men. Based on my review of reliable news sources Twitter, LCFC did a good job possessing the ball in the first half, which quickly turned into a couple of chances that went over the crossbar. In the 25th minute, MAG RAM got on the board first for Louisville City, beating the keeper off of some smart service from Kadeem Dacres. About ten minutes later, MAG RAM again got involved in the scoring with an assist to Matt Fondy’s right foot inside the box to put the good guys up 0-2.

The game was apparently pretty physical throughout, and MAG RAM left the field after a challenge on UofL’s Romilio Hernandez that led to a really manly shoving match in the 53rd minute. Another LCFC player, no idea who, was sent off in the 69th minute, and City had to play behind the ball for the rest of the match. OR SO YOU WOULD HAVE THOUGHT, because everyone’s favorite player and part time shampoo model Matt Fondy crossed a ball in to “trialist” Ilja Ilic, who headed the ball over the keeper for the game’s final tally. Highlights courtesy of Louisville City FC’s YouTube channel are below; that last goal is just silly.

As someone who didn’t see the game, it’s hard for me to tell what style this team will play. From what I can tell, City wants to play a high press and possess the ball as much as they can. The long ball was a facet to this game, though, and led to two of the three Louisville City goals. A little variety never hurt, right?

NEXT UP: Kentucky in Lexington. Saturday. 7:00. BE THERE!