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Coopers Meeting Dec 2016 at Molly Malone's

Coopers General Meeting 2016-12-10

It was a dark and chilly night, but the Cooper faithful came out in force for the 2016 end-of-year general membership meeting. Molly Malone’s in the Highlands once again graciously hosted and the place was packed with purple people. Alliteration! There was plenty of Coopers business on the docket but also a slew of entertainment and goodies to be had.

At the top of everyone’s holiday wish lists were 2017 Cooper memberships. It’s the stocking stuffer that keeps on giving! Truly, though, this year’s swag bag was packed. It also included a literal bag. $25.00 nets you a Cooper logo drawstring bag, a 2017 Coopers pin, the official 2017 scarf, and your very own membership card. While supplies last they’ll also contain a Coopers Craft hat courtesy of our pals at Brown-Forman. 2017 memberships now available online!

Speaking of scarves, Matt Owens’ award winning scarf was the absolute hit of the party. Seriously, this thing is gorgeous. For his efforts, Matt was rewarded with two free memberships (including swag bag and scarves) and a $100 gift card to the Louisville City team store courtesy of the Coopers.

At the top of the business agenda were some special awards that were distributed as personal thanks from the outgoing President, Ken Luther, and Vice President Alex Miner. Ken once again showed his Luddite-qualities as he struggled with the speaker system. Despite the valiant efforts of a Molly Malone’s hostess, he threw in the towel and relied upon pure lung power. The certificates handed out for outstanding volunteerism in 2016 were:

  • Tom Foolery Farmer – Podcast Perfection Certificate
  • Patrick Blanton – Tifo Tenacity Award
  • Timothy Clark – Accountancy Medal
  • Adam Shaw – Election Runner Epaulettes
  • Jenn Kluesner – Internet Good Conduct Medal
  • Shana Farmer – Complaint Handling Croix de Guerre
  • Matt True – Distinguished Drumming Cross
  • Derrick Mills – Meritorious Merchantman Medal
  • Alex Miner – Capo Action Ribbon with Oak Leaf Cluster

Next item on the list? Elections. Many thanks once again to Adam Shaw for setting up and maintaining everything. But without further ado:

  • President – Tom Farmer
  • Vice President – Alex Miner
  • Treasurer – Timothy Clark
  • Secretary – Shana Farmer
  • At-Large Board Members
    • Rick Jones
    • Matt Owens
    • Derrick Mills
    • Jason Ence
    • Phil Sapienza (next highest vote tally; takes Tom Farmer’s vacated seat)
    • Matt True (elected in July)

After the big reveal, everyone settled in to watch the MLS Cup final featuring Toronto and Seattle. I’d tell you about it but I fell asleep. Seriously, snooze fest. Congratulations, in any case, to the Sounders. Also a heartfelt offer of condolence to Mark-Anthony Kaye. He made the trip to watch the match only to see his hometown team defeated in PK’s. Mark-Anthony we hope you channel your rage onto the pitch at Slugger next season.