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Coopers 5/15 Meeting Report

The Coopers gathered on Sunday, May 15th at Molly Malone’s in the Highlands for a general membership meeting and the festivities of the previous night had a few of us stumbling in wearing dark shades with Excedrin in hand. Upon entry we were given a blue ticket which, through some form of sorcery, entitled us to one free beer courtesy of The Coopers. This only furthers the maxim that eighty percent of free beer is showing up.

Ken “Golden Foot” Luther led us off with a year-to-date review of all things Cooper. Business-wise, income outpaces expenditures by a comfortable margin. This disqualifies our officers and board members from ever running for public office. Tifos, smoke bombs, and drum repair can rack up some bills so proper management of funds is key. Big thanks to all of our officers and board members for taking care of matters. Also big thanks to all our newer members! As of last night Cooper membership crossed the 300 mark. Welcome to the family!

Activity wise we’ve got a couple of tifo sessions coming up so we can cover June 25th against FC Toyota (aka Cincinnati) as well as July 4th against FC Montreal. After we win against Detroit City FC on Wednesday in the Open Cup we’ll be slated to play Indy Eleven in Indiana City [sic]. The relatively short drive opens up the possibility of a carpool adventure to support the boys in purple. The same goes for the late July away match versus FC Toyota for the third act of the Dirty River Derby. Then in September we travel to St. Louis to defend the Kings’ Cup. The acquisition of a bus for group travel to St. Louis (land of arches and waffle cones) is purely interest based so make sure you let us know if you’re interested!

Ken also took the opportunity to discuss some minor housekeeping details. First on the list was security and conduct. DO NOT INVADE THE PITCH AND SCORE A GOAL, NO MATTER HOW COOL IT IS. But seriously folks, Ken had a good conversation (not regarding goal scoring) with the head of ESG Security and relayed the positive feelings he took from that meeting. We look forward to a good relationship with our guardians. A good discussion was then had about away match watch parties and tons of good ideas were brought to the table. Ken, now under threat of a broom sweeping by Sandman Sims, wrapped up with some words on participation in the group. Nothing could be done without the support of our members, but participation can bring about rewards far greater than the expended effort. So sign up to paint a tifo! Join us in the March to the Match! Or if there’s something you think would enhance the experience of being a Cooper then let us know, or volunteer yourself!

Volunteering their time for a bit of Q&A were Louisville FC’s own captain Aodhan Quinn and leading goal scorer Chandler Hoffman. Joe Cecil of The Black Sheep and Barrel Proof led things off with a few questions for the podcast. The mic was then passed around to give Coopers an opportunity to ask what was on their minds. It was a great experience and we certainly appreciate both Aodhan and Chandler coming out for the event. I won’t spoil things so be sure to listen to the next Barrel Proof podcast to get the scoop on hairstyles, iTunes playlists, and turf monsters.

Don’t forget! Wednesday, May 18th, 7:00 PM. Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup match versus Detroit City FC! More info on The Coopers Facebook page ( and website ( Tickets available on the Louisville City FC website (