Code of Conduct

Matchdays with The Coopers are much more fun than what you’ll find in those pricey sideline seats, whether you’re in Slugger Field, on the road with us for an away match, or attending an event sponsored by The Coopers. We’ve built a productive relationship with Louisville City FC, and we ask you to observe this code of conduct to ensure we all have an unforgettable experience without jeopardizing this amazing thing we’ve built.

Atmosphere: What To Expect

STANDING: We stand during the games. If you don’t like that, please don’t sit behind us. There’s plenty of room elsewhere.

SMOKE: We use smoke bombs to celebrate goals, as do most USL supporters groups. It adds to the excitement and ensures people take lots of pictures of us. If you have a bad reaction to smoke, we really do feel for you, but you’ll want to stay upwind of us.

FLAGS & TIFOS: Bring them. Wave them proudly. Remember that there are people behind you, though, so don’t wave them while the ball is in play. From time to time, you might be asked to help unfurl a banner that will block your view. It’ll just last a moment, and we’ll roll it back down before you miss anything good. Same goes for flags – expect people around you to wave some small and larges ones, although they shouldn’t do so in a way that blocks your view while the match is underway.

SINGING & CHANTING: Yes, your vocal chords will be raw by the end of the match. It’s loud, and it’s worth it. Expect the sound of drums, too.

Conduct: What Not To Expect

LANGUAGE: Don’t be an asshole. Expect to hear some NSFW language, but know what crosses the line: hateful speech — including profanity related to race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or disability — is cause for removal from home or away venues and expulsion from The Coopers. Same goes for excessive profanity being used for shock value or directed at people. We won’t lead organized chants with profanity, but we’re not your parents, so what you say is pretty much your responsibility. Got it? We’ll admire you if you come up with something more clever than “Fuck off.”

KIDS: Some members choose to bring their children into the supporters section. That choice is their responsibility. We’re fine with it, as long as they’re monitored and their parents understand what they’re getting into.

STADIUM RULES: Know them. Don’t throw objects onto the field, climb onto stadium structures, or enter the playing area. Those aren’t our rules, but they’re rules nonetheless, and members who violate them are also subject to expulsion from The Coopers. Also see: excessive drunkeness, use of illegal drugs, aiding underage drinking, fighting, vandalism. C’mon.

AWAY MATCHES: When we travel to other USL venues, we may be subject to additional rules and restrictions designed to ensure the safety of visiting fans. Expect that you’ll have to arrive early, tailgate in certain areas, use certain entrances and have your belongings inspected. If you’re planning to bring anything other than yourself and your wallet, you’d better ask ahead of time whether or not it’s allowed, and how early before kickoff you must present it for inspection. Remember that you’re not just representing The Coopers, but also Louisville City and our hometown. Be rowdy, but be cool.

ENFORCEMENT: Again, we’re not your parent. Know the matchday expectations and please don’t make us spend time addressing misconduct. If we must, our board of directors – on a majority vote – may expel members from The Coopers. If that happens, we’d ask that you return any merchandise bearing our name or logo, for which your membership fee will be refunded.