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Charleston Battery 2-0 Louisville City

These losing match reviews are getting less and less fun to write. Now, it’s easy to shrug off a loss knowing that Louisville City has already clinched second place, a bye, and home field against the rest of the East save Rochester for the playoffs. Still, a loss is a loss and I can’t feel good about it. Add in that the Royals have lost three of their past four league matches and, well, yeah. I’m starting to get a little concerned. I’m also working my way through some emotions concerning this game combined with the performance of my American collegiate football team with the help of some Fireball, so please excuse me if that tinges my impressions of this game.

City came out in a bit of a different look than we’re used to for this match. Greg Ranjitsingh got some much deserved playing time in Scott “Brick Wall” Goodwin’s place, while Ilija Ilic played as a second striker up top with Matt Fondy. The usual suspects started in defense, while a flat four man midfield featured Juan Guzman and Aodhan Quinn in the double pivot and Niall McCabe and MAG RAM on the wings. It seemed like a bit of a defensive setup in place of City’s usual attacking formation.

Those fears, for me anyway, didn’t really come home to roost until the second half. The first frame featured both teams holding possession, starting with Elsie for about 15-20 minutes and then Charleston taking over for a similar amount of time. Neither team really had strong chances to score in the first, and both teams went into the half goalless.

The second was another story, though. While City played quite well in emergency defense, Charleston stayed on the front foot for most of the half, and ultimately earned two free kicks near the penalty area on some debatable calls. Both chances were converted, though, and there wasn’t any doubt about those. City tried to press for an equalizer, or at least a goal after the second Charleston tally hit the net, but were never really able to put anything together.

Charleston played well and deserved to win. My impression of the game isn’t too dissimilar from our last match against them a few weeks ago; they’re a good team, one you’re not jumping up and down to play again soon.

Our final match of the season is against St. Louis FC to lock up the Kings’ Cup. Given that STL is off to the West next season, this might (but probably won’t) be the last time we get to play for this trophy for a while. That’s a little funny, you might say, because it’s also the first time we’ve ever played for it.

Whatever. Don’t interrupt me with your facts. Anyway, it’d be nice to close out the season with a win to build some positive momentum going into the playoffs, and it’d be even nicer to do it to that bourgeois, classy bunch in St. Louis. Let’s do it.