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In case you forgot, it’s St. Louis Week

Louisville City plays St. Louis FC this weekend. You might have forgotten about that. It’s totally okay if you did. STLFC hasn’t exactly been making headlines lately, or maybe ever. But, in case you forgot, there’s a trophy at stake here. The Kings’ Cup. Here’s another picture of it. It’s so pretty!


And for now, it belongs to us. BUT! Only so long as Team Purple keeps it. That means they could really use three points on Saturday, and they can use our help.

St. Louis is the worst, except maybe for Cincinnati. OK, Cincinnati and their entitlement complex, combined with their hilarious hypothesis that Louisville is somehow full of rednecks without teeth or shoes, is the worst. But we don’t like St. Louis, either. Here’s a brief refresher on why STL is so awful:

  • Have you ever met a St. Louis Cardinals fan who wasn’t a jerk? No, you have not.
  • Nelly.
  • The NFL willingly removed themselves from the city (twice, now), even though the city was willing to dump almost A BILLION DOLLARS on a new stadium for the Rams to replace the one they just built 20 years before.
  • Bud Light Lime.
  • The highlight of the city of St. Louis, the “gateway to the west,” is a monument which is dedicated to the people who didn’t stay there. Wisely.

So get your dander up, City fans. Those green-clad Bud Light Lime-loving midwesterners are going to invade our stadium and probably be nice to us until kickoff, the charlatans. Be ready. COME ON, CITY!