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Coopers Board Minutes Feb. ’17

Recorded by President Tom Farmer at Against the Grain on February 5th, 2017.

Board Member Attendance:  President Tom Farmer, Vice-President Alex Miner, Treasurer Timothy Clark, Matt Owens, Derrick Mills, Phil Sapienza, Jason Ence

General Member Attendance:  Derrick Davis

January Minutes:

Treasurer’s Report:

  • End of month Jan. ’17 – $1,200.00 liquid assets
    • Reflects amount after smoke and merchandise purchases
    • “Worst case” calculation was to be at $850.00

Membership & Merchandise:

  • $435.96 in January sales; 15 total new members
  • Up to 100 total 2017 members, 30 of which are new to the Coopers

TO&E (Table of Organization & Equipment):

  • Smoke bombs received; 88 purple and 44 yellow

January to February Business:

  • CR 17.0010 – Shirley’s Way ( is selected as the charitable beneficiary of the ATG tap sponsor relationship for 2017
    • Approved
  • CR 17.0011 – $900.00 expenditure for smoke grenades
    • Approved
    • Total spent = $720.00
  • CR 17.0012 – $2,000.00 expenditure for 200 scarves, 100 pins, 100 bags is approved
    • Approved
    • CR 17.0012A – Spending limit increased to $2,350.00, equaling final amount spent
      • Approved
  • CR 17.0013 – The buttons (not membership pins) we have on stock will be used as giveaways
    • Approved
  • CR 17.0014 – T-shirt prices will be reduced to $5.00 for 2015 blue shirts and $7.50 for 2016 purple shirts
    • Approved

Agreement with Against the Grain:

  • CR 17.0015 – Motion to approve negotiated agreement by Timothy, second by Jason
  • Approved unanimously
  • Details on request
  • Request by Phil to follow-up on 2016 charity tap proceeds

March to the Match:

  • Public opinion ranged about 3:2 in favor of moving start location to tailgate
  • Jason offered information from the 2015 visit to Orlando re: the focus on the tailgate experience
  •  CR 17.0016 – Motion to move the start of the “March to the Match” to the southwest corner of the parking lot bounded by Witherspoon, Preston, Washington, and Floyd
    • Motion by Alex, second by Matt O
    • Approved unanimously

Open Action Items From January:

  • Work out agreement with Molly Malone’s
  • Work out agreement with Saints
  • Meet with Great Flood and Mellwood Tavern
  • Meet with Mockingbird Valley Sports Complex
  • Meet with Music-Go-Round and Doo-Wop Shop
    • Suggestion entered to focus on Music-Go-Round for price point
  • Meet with Mini-Cooper of Louisville
  • Open lines of communication with Kentucky Derby Festival
  • Trademarks require $250-300 filing fee; will table until later date

Other New Business:

  • Board members to send headshot images to the President in order to update the board member listing on the website
  • Work with Adam Watson (based off an offer to assist), Taylor Sorrels, and Timothy Clark (Treasurer) to clean up tax items and migrate to 501(c)(3)
    • CR 17.0017 motion to migrate to 501(c)(3) status as soon as possible entered by Timothy, second by Jason
    • Approved unanimously
  • We have two bullhorns in decent shape, one in not so good shape; look for a new bullhorn and budget for D batteries
  • President and Vice-President meeting with club and other SGs on Tuesday (Feb 7); will have recommendation for a club-driven capo agreement
  • Alex to share 2016 annual plan; 2017 annual plan to be drafted prior to end of February
  • CR 17.0018 – Motion to investigate cost, feasibility of a PO box to receive Coopers correspondence entered by Derrick, second by Alex
    • Approved unanimously
  • Tifo – begin process of design for March 25 match against St. Louis; meet with Brown-Forman on Feb. 14 and discuss open space availability
    • Also to reach out to Falls City/Old 502
    • Tom to pick up equipment from Patrick at earliest possible convenience
  • Price point for “200 proof” Coopers shirts remains at $35.00 with Dirty Tease; price point for a regular t-shirt run dependent upon design
  • In regards to Kentucky Derby Festival, Jason will connect the President with Doug Dressman at the V Foundation so they can discuss coordinating for KDF events
  • Decision on merchandise sales on the concourse at Slugger is tabled until after the Feb 7 meeting with the club and other SGs
  • With the focus on the tailgate, need to make sure we utilize social media to spread word as well as need for contributions
  • Game day operations:
    • $68.00 for inflatable tires and mounts for carts, no decision made on purchase; information only
    • $80.00 for hauling carts from Harbor Freight, no decision made on purchase; information only
    • Further investigation to be conducted
    • Issue with Bats Grass in 2016 have generated a desire to be independent for stadium setup, should it prove necessary
    • Whacky inflatable wavy arm guy runs about $200.00 with fan, but this is just a fun idea; no commitment

Adjournment motion Derrick, second by Philip

  • Approved unanimously