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Announcing: The Inaugural Kings’ Cup

by Taylor Sorrels (@AbGatorade)

We know we’ll be playing St. Louis FC four times in our inaugural season. We’re painfully aware of how annoying their fans are on Twitter. In the spirit of making STLFC feel good about themselves while trying to reach an impossible goal, the Coopers and the St. Louligans are proud to announce the first ever Kings’ Cup! We don’t have a trophy designed yet, but we’re working on it.

The rules:

The team with the most points from regular season matches between the two wins the Cup. Goal difference will serve as the first tiebreaker if the teams are tied on points, and away goals will be the second tiebreaker. If the teams are still tied after that, then the holder from the prior season keeps the Cup. Because this is the inaugural season for both teams and the Kings’ Cup, there’s no prior winner, so if we’re tied on points, goal difference, and away goals at the end of this season, the team that’s higher in the table wins. Makes that last match in St. Louis a little more spicy, doesn’t it?