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Almost There

Almost there. Stay on target.

Last night, Saturday November 4th, was one of the most amazing nights of my life. Now certainly there are a few personal moments that outpace it, with marrying my gorgeous wife being the best example. But in terms of group experience, last night at Slugger Field has blown away the competition.

Our own Jordan Shim has the recap, and the C-J’s Danielle Lerner did an amazing job capturing the emotion of the post-match jubilation. And just to confirm, yes, I did cry!

But why was I crying? They were tears of joy, of course. And they were the result of having so much invested energy uncorked in an instant. All that work that we all put in, be it drumming, tifo, setup and tear-down, chanting, tailgate, capo, etc. All these things require that we bottle up a little bit of our excitement and focus on the tasks at hand. And last night, at the culmination of those PK’s, all that stored energy rushed out and it didn’t particularly care how it got out. I’m just glad I didn’t crap myself.

Now, here’s the rub. We’re not done yet. It would be easy to accept last night’s result as the pinnacle. But we cannot allow ourselves to fall into that trap. I know JOC and the players are not allowing themselves to settle, and neither can we. Just like them, we’re going to have to dig deep to find our reserves. The gauge may be flashing E for empty, but we all know there’s a couple of gallons left in the tank.

Yes, the championship is on a Monday night (Nov 13) at 9:00 PM. Yes, that’s a bit of a pain in the ass. But I don’t care. I’m going. I know you’re going. I know you’re going to bug the crap out of all your friends, because you’re going to make them go as well. Slugger must be packed, and it must be jumping! I want seismometers at the USGS to start ticking.

Get your tickets now. See you soon.