About The Coopers

Mission Statement

The Coopers are an independent supporter group of Louisville City Football Club and is an organization run by volunteers through an elected board of directors. We represent the best interests of all LCFC supporters, organizing in-stadium support, road trips, tailgates, watch parties and social events.

Louisville City FC supporter groups mostly occupy the general admission area, section numbers 121-124 in the Preston end of Slugger Field. Fans in these sections are known for non-stop chanting, colorful tifo displays and undying support of the club – showing a spirit and devotion typically associated with fans of large clubs worldwide.

The Coopers work on behalf of all fans – other supporter groups and independent fans alike – to foster a true soccer community. We understand that, as we grow the soccer culture in Louisville, we are ambassadors of not only The Coopers, but the club we support and city we represent. All members are expected to adhere to the standards of behavior laid out in our Code of Conduct at all times, both in person and online.

Why 'The Coopers'?

The name arises from our hometown’s proud distilling tradition. A cooper is a barrel-maker. Without them, bourbon can’t be made. The cooper isn’t the star of the show, but it is their work that carries the bourbon and defines its unique flavor. The same should be true for a relationship between the supporter group and the club they bring life to.

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