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Match Preview: at Richmond Kickers

It’s game 3 of our 2017 season campaign, where we head to Richmond, Virginia for another great game. Richmond against LCFC has always been a competitive affair, so this game is a good gauge for how the season may go against the top teams in the USL. Let’s dive into the keys to the game.

Richmond Kickers:

The Kickers currently sit 8th in the table with a 1-0-1 record having fallen to New York Red Bulls 2. The Kickers were held to just  5 shots on goal, 42% possession, and committed 14 fouls in the game.

The first key to the game for Richmond is get the ball into the attacking third, something they didn’t do well against New York last week. Their front 3 forwards of Nascimento, Minutillo, and Asante need to distribute the ball better to the wings and make quality runs off the ball with purpose rather than to just get out of the play’s progression.

The second key is Conor Shanosky, who needs to command his backline. NYRB2 was all over his line last week, and that line cracked more than once. Luckily for Shanosky, Mat Turner had a solid game in goal. If they want to win, Richmond need Shanosky to step up his line’s overall performance.

The final key is see is to find a striker that can do a striker’s job. Normally, you sub out midfielders or a forward to change your tactics in the middle of a game. Last week, Richmond subbed2 of its 3 spearhead players in the 64th minute to try to find an answer for the backline of New York (which was phenomenal). So they need to find that leader at the front that can drive that spearhead to tally goals. 

Louisville City:

It’s pretty simple for City, which is coming off a convincing 3 to 1 win over Orlando City B. The first key is to continue the run of form it had from Orlando into Richmond. If they do that, they should give former LCFC player Conor Shanosky and Co. at the back a fright.

The second key is to continue that dominating presence in the final third of the pitch. As long as City continue to press the attack and control the midfield, goals will come.

The final key will be to get results. LCFC need to advance farther in each tournament than previously before to showcase they are not second fiddle players to the USL MLS sides or longtime USL veterans. 

Prediction: Richmond Kickers 1-3 LCFC

I see LouCity winning this game by 2 goals or so. Richmond has the talent to get one or 2 great looks. Look for Ballard for LCFC to make an impact in this game. Look for Shonasky to control his line and make it difficult on LCFC.  The flank Ballard plays on is Richmond’s weak side; if we exploit it we should see a goal from it. Overall this will be a hard fought game like most Richmond affairs are anyway. Let’s make sure we watch it and cheer on your boys in Purple! LOUISVILLE CITY HERE WE GO!