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The 2018 Louisville City Schedule is here!

YAY! Here’s a link. My initial observations:

  • No away games in March. Fine by me.
  • North Carolina FC for the second match is probably going to be a tough test.
  • Just one home match in May is a little annoying but probably has to do with the Derby and baseball.
  • No Indy Eleven until August? That seems like a long time to wait to play a team that’s so close. EDIT: I’m an idiot who can’t read
  • This schedule is mostly home and away, but Los Morados will play Nashville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis three times, which makes sense, and could be monstrously difficult at the same time. If St. Louis stayed in the East, there would have only one three game series, and the rest would have just been home and away.



UPDATE: On second glance, this schedule has some facets that may or may not annoy you:

  • For those of you with kids in school in Jefferson County, the first FC Cincinnati game on April 7 falls at the end of Spring Break
  • The only Indy XI away date is on May 5, aka Derby Day
  • The first Nashville away date is on Mothers Day
  • There are four “three games in a week” stretches in the schedule. That’s great for us, but not so great on the team. Make of that what you will

Either way, it’s still a schedule you can plan your life around now. Yay!