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Fri, Aug 01

Your Soccer Weekend

We’re going to try to make this a weekly thing: Here’s what’s going on in soccer this weekend! All times are EST unless, well, they’re not.

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Thu, Jul 31

MLS Transfer Window Madness!

MLS’s summer transfer market is quickly turning into bat country. SO. MUCH. FUN.

It’s July 31, which means baseball trade deadline the summer international transfer window is really heating up the US and A. We had an idea about tracking transfers in Louisville City FC’s would-be league for the season thus far, but then we looked at 2013 USL Pro transfers and decided NOPE.

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Fri, Jul 18

Your Soccer Weekend

For those of us in Louisville, your soccer weekend may be trumped by your Forecastle Festival weekend, and that’s okay. It’s not every day you get to see Outkast on the riverfront. BUT for those of us who aren’t into “music, art and activism”, there is SOCCER to be had on TV, the internets, and in person! Here’s your smorgasbord:


Derby City Rovers host Cincinnati Dutch Lions on their LAST MATCH OF THE SEASON at Woehrle Field in Jeffersonville at 7pm tomorrow. Join us in telling a bunch of Ohioans that they’ve contracted scurvy!

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Fri, Jul 18

USMNT Aftermath

By Taylor P. Sorrels
Editor’s Note: This post was written after the Nats’ loss in the Round of 16, so please excuse the now-dated references. Enjoy!

The United States Men’s National Team’s loss last night in extra time to Belgium was hard for most of us to stomach. I was pretty sad, myself, and couldn’t really focus on much else afterwards thanks to a misplaced confidence in cheap beer as a comfort blanket. However, given a few hours this morning to reflect on the Yanks’ performance in Brazil this World Cup, a few things have become clear:


1. USMNT was not good enough to beat Germany or Belgium. There is almost a zero percent chance that anyone at a professional club anywhere in the world would trade a player on those two rosters for any US player, with the possible exception of manbeast Tim Howard.


2. The US’s performance, which was viewed by more Americans than any US team ever before, put front and center the issue that has plagued US Soccer for nearly 20 years: the skill gap between the Yanks and the best teams in the world.

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Wed, Jun 18

A Cooper’s Review: World Cup Review 1


Games in Matchday 1: 16
Goals on Matchday 1 / per game average: 49 / 3.06
Yellow Cards on Matchday 1 / per game average: 46 / 2.87
Red Cards on Matchday 1 /average minutes between: 3 / 480

Day 1

There was a lot of apprehension going into the first day of the World Cup. Deaths, protests, and talk of unfinished facilities have been this season’s fashion for major sporting events — nothing on the scale of Russia or Qatar on offer in Brazil, but it was there nevertheless, with the opening match being the site of the most recent death.

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